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Jemison seniors show out against Thorsby


The Jemison Panthers boys’ basketball team defeated the Thorsby Rebels on Jan. 30 with a final score of 66-36.

Jemison celebrated senior night with a big win over their neighboring town. The Panthers stepped onto the court determined to bring home a win. The team went on an 11-point streak unanswered in the first three minutes of play.

The score streak started with the game’s opening score from senior Will Johns and ended with a 3-point shot from senior Wes McGehee as the team picked up momentum.

Thorsby momentarily broke the spell and gained traction, but when the second period started, the Panthers took ground back. The score was 15-7 at the end of the first. By the half, Jemison had widened the gap to 32-12, in large part due to an 11-point onslaught from senior Ryan Thompson.

After the half, Thorsby nearly matched Jemison’s performance. Cain Neice, Thorsby’s point leader for the night, added five points during the third period and his teammates joined in to put a total of 17 points up against Jemison’s 20.

The 21-point lead for the Panthers only grew in the last period of play.

“I think we did a good job of keeping Fortner in check because in the county tournament he killed us,” Jemison Coach Stacy McGehee said. “The main thing is we’re trying to get ready for the area tournament.”

Jemison seniors scored 49 of the team’s 66 points, taking full advantage of their play time on senior night. Kris Harris, Thompson, McGehee and Johns each scored more than 10 points. Harris and Thompson each had a dunk, McGehee sank two 3-point shots and Johns had 100 percent free throw accuracy.

“My senior class, this is a good bunch of buys. They’ve played together for four years now and they never panic,” McGehee said. “They stay in it and they play a full game.”

The Jemison girls’ basketball team won 43-26 against Thorsby. Seniors Cassani Steele and Maria Abarca-Flores were honored before the boys’ game.

Jemison will play at home against Chilton County High School on Feb. 3.