JES students make the grade

From staff reports

Jemison Elementary School’s K-2 students participated in the state mandated mid-year Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills testing, and, because of the hard work of the students, teachers and parents, the DIBELS scores were wonderful.
As a result, Denise Scarbrough, second grade teacher, arranged a parade for the K-2 students who benchmarked on the DIBELS test.
Scarbrough contacted George Martin, Jemison High School band director, and asked if the JHS Blue Regiment drumline could come to JES and lead the parade around the school.
To make the parade even more festive, students and teachers decorated hats to wear and made noisemakers to use in the parade.
There were a total of 509 students who successfully benchmarked and participated in the parade. This means 99 percent of the students tested at Jemison Elementary School benchmarked.
The Jemison Elementary School students and teachers loved the parade, and the Jemison High School Blue Regiment drumline also enjoyed leading such a happy and appreciative group around the school. The parade has become a tradition at JES, and both JES and JHS students look forward to the event.